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    Pre-retirement Planning

    Are you planning to retire within five years? What will retirement mean for you?

    This course will help you focus on the key issues you need to think about when planning to retire, including:

    • What income will you have in retirement?
    • Will that income be sufficient for you?
    • How can you minimise your expenditure?
    • What you need to consider when investing your money
    • Protecting your wealth

    The course will help you see the bigger picture, but also addresses individual issues, looking at all aspects of retirement, including:

    • Why retirement planning is important
    • How the state pension works
    • Your company pension scheme
    • How private pensions work
    • Savings and investment and how to choose what to do
    • What to do about your mortgage
    • Using Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney to protect your assets
    • Where to seek the correct financial advice


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