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    Pensions – Lifetime & Annual Allowances

    You cannot make assumptions about the Pension Tax Relief system, because it keeps changing.

    Over the years, the UK Government has reduced the lifetime allowance, (this is the amount you can save towards your pension during your working life).

    It has also reduced pension tax relief for high earners in the form of a tapered annual allowance.

    If these changes and other issues around these allowances leave you at all confused or unsure, then this training is for you, whether you are a high earner (£110,000 a year or higher) or a member of a final salary pension scheme (A projected pension of £40,000+ a year).

    The course covers:

    • What the annual allowance is
    • What the lifetime allowance is
    • What each amounts to
    • What protection you can get
    • Where to seek the correct pension advice


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