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    Training For Companies

    Are You Looking After Your Employees’ Interests?

    As an employer, you will be aware of your responsibilities to the people working for you, but how far should you take your duty of care?

    The Pressures of Poor Financial Awareness

    Your employees are your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to invest in them and ensure that their wellbeing.

    How financially aware are your employees on an individual level?

    Many people struggle with their own finances, and are unprepared for changes in the future, when they finally leave work.

    Facing financial pressures and anxieties can have a profound impact on the workplace, affecting relationships and, ultimately, productivity, through absenteeism, presenteeism and long-term sickness from stress.

    As an employer, however, you can make a difference.


    Pre-retirement Planning

    How aware are your employees that their living standards could drop after employment, if they have not done the necessary pre-retirement planning?

    Not everyone realises how much they pay into their company pension now will affect their eventual retirement income, which will include the occupational and state pension.

    Furthermore, employees may be under various financial pressures in their everyday lives, which can impact on decisions they make over their pension provision and add impact on their working lives.

    What are Your Responsibilities?

    As an employer, under automatic enrolment, you have the responsibility to put your qualifying employees into a pension scheme and pay the correct contributions. However, you are not obliged to offer pension advice to your staff.

    BUT, it makes sense to ensure your employees have a full understanding of their financial arrangements and can prepare properly for retirement.

    This is a valuable form of employee engagement. It helps protect them, and it demonstrates to them your degree of commitment to their wellbeing.

    Be a responsible employer and ensure your employees are fully financially aware.

    Your own HR resources may not stretch to cover this specialised area of knowledge, which is where we can help.

    Oak Tree provides clear, accessible training courses to employees, covering the following:

    Pre-retirement Planning
    Financial Awareness
    Wealth Preservation
    Lifetime & Annual Allowances


    If you would like to discover more about Oak Tree Financial Training and what we can offer you and your employees, please contact us.