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    Pre-Retirement Planning

    As course attendees, you are provided the opportunity to give thought to your forthcoming retirement from a financial viewpoint and you are given help to better understand, the financial aspects of retirement planning.

    Your training covers:-

    • What income will you have in retirement?
    • Will that income be sufficient for you?
    • How can you minimise your expenditure?
    • What you need to consider when investing your money
    • Protecting your wealth

    Oak Tree courses are ideally suited to people who are within 5 years of their retirement.

    By taking an holistic approach to finances we give our attendees the ability to review all the matters that might affect them, so that they can take control of their retirement, allowing them to enjoy it.

    We have a comprehensive approach to all aspects of retirement and will help to give you answers to the following questions:-

    • Why is retirement planning important to me?
    • How does the State Pension work for me?
    • My company pension scheme
    • How do Private Pensions work?
    • The taxation system in the UK
    • Savings and Investment – what is best for me?
    • Credit Rating – How will this affect me?
    • Mortgages – What should you do with them?
    • How can Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney protect me?
    • Where can I get correct and proper advice?

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